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So French Now - Education Website - French and English Courses
Short-Term Rentals &  Digital Lease Agreement Signature Process in a few clicks

Beyond showcasing short-term rental ads for a small family ski resort in France, a web application in the back-end allows property owners to generate a short-term lease agreement from a simple form accessible via smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The lease agreement is automatically generated and filled with the lease-specified details and sent to the tenants for a digital but legally binding signature. Other automation complement the booking process to make the short-term rental experience 100% digital and flawless for landlords and tenants.

So French Now - Education Website - French and English Courses
Consulting Website & Spreadsheets Templates

Interactive Online Excel VBA Help via Zoom or Meetfox. Live support by an Excel VBA Expert. Excel Modelling and VBA project development.

Mr. Summit Cafe
Regular and QR-code Online Ordering System

Mr. Summit Café is an innovative and leading Café in Southbank with a mission to “boost morale.” In addition to serving qualitative delicious coffee, they focus on impeccable detail-oriented customer service.

Mr. Summit Café sought a bespoke digital ordering experience for their beloved customers without breaking the bank.  Mainstream ordering solutions usually come with high commissions – above 5% –  spread between the business and the users. Mr. Summit Café did not want to go that way.

They also wanted to grow revenues with cross-selling opportunities, calendar and time-based product offerings and integrated automated email marketing solutions.

This ordering web application allows them to control the service surcharge  (e.g., holidays only), reduce labor costs, and get their customer’s orders directly printed for a time-and-cost-efficient execution by the staff.

Cosmetic Website

A perfect website solution for businesses that want to drive customers to a landing page and take reservations directly from the pricing list for their services! Ultimately a user-friendly and more elegant alternative to LinkTree for those who get customers from Instagram!

A smooth booking experience in 3 clicks combined with email & SMS booking confirmations, synchronization with external calendars, and calendar invitations.

Vietnamese Restaurant

82% monthly cost reduction for their website and professional email management. This is what Perilla managed to achieve with the help of the DigitalTreeCompany. Perilla is a Vietnamese restaurant business located in North Ryde, Sydney. Their business owners were paying expensive recurrent subscriptions for a WIX website and professional emails. To achieve those savings, a simple but efficient responsive website was rebuilt via WordPress, and the web and email hosting got transferred to local SiteGround servers in Sydney.

Productivity Blog & E-Commerce Website

This niche website aims to cover the Pareto Analysis approach, the 80-20 Rule, the Eisenhower Matrix, and general productivity-related topics through insightful articles, Pareto Microsoft Excel, and Pareto Google Sheets tutorials.

It also promotes a Smart Excel Pareto Analysis Add-In. Easy to use, intelligent, and customizable Excel Add-In for a one-click immediate Pareto Analysis in Excel. Doing a Pareto Analysis has never been so easy!

Digital Tree Company

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